Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Still rolling.

I feel like I should continue to let all know that we are indeed, still surviving.

Mainly because a good number of y'all who read this handy blog may not actually know me and see me and hang with me in real life to know that this is so. Thus, the random emails I sometimes get from people who are checking up on me. And thanks for that you sweet strangers/friends.

We are still rolling.

Life has hit a very busy season and I am welcoming it a little bit. We celebrated Pipers should be/would be 3rd birthday, we moved (yet again) and we celebrated our 8th anniversary. My favorite 7 year old is rocking at Mohawk and I have a new pair of blue shoes that may be worth a picture or two...they make me smile a bit.

Summer has been good to us.

And we are still upright. I'm coming off of a very hard two weeks for both obvious issues and other, more personal issues...there have been many tears and frustrations rolling about in my personal space. I'm trying, often fruitlessly, to keep on keeping on but moments when they add up can just plain knock me out.

Apparently, this is normal.

Or something.

So please don't write me off as a sad mother hiding away from life...I have ideas and plans and hopes that I will attempt to keep updated in my good moments. Just bear with me.


  1. I think about you lots. Hoping and wishing and praying for you. I am glad you posted. Being upright is good. ;-)

  2. I'm one of those "strangers" that happens to care about you very much. I am so glad that you checked in with me! I feel like a mother...oh I am...and a grandmother! I have no clue what all is happening in your life but just dealing with Piper's loss is so over-the-top unimaginable. You are "upright" and I am proud of you for that. Staying upright takes an immense amount of energy and strength. Know that you are cared for and prayed for daily.

  3. Thanks for always sharing with us..... I was wondering how you are and of course are still praying for peace and comfort in your hearts and minds.....
    I am sure it is hard to blog when your are still trying to figure everything out as your days go forward...... just know your are cared about, prayed for and thought of daily! Take care......

  4. Looked for you Sunday. Hope and pray you continue to keep pressing on. moving. one foot in front of the other. that you are confident in your plans, and can press on even when you aren't. :)

  5. I am also a stranger/friend who check in on you. Praying for you and wishing you many more good moments to come.

  6. Prayed for you today and thought I would check in on ya...another stranger/friend and sister in Christ. You were on my heart today. Glad for how you are feeling. Thought of Piper on her birthday. Thought of you all today and was just thankful for the fight you put up for everyday she was here. Each day she was here she touched the world and made a difference. I guess my presence here means that she is still making a difference. I love her little spunky face and smile. Love to you ♥.