Friday, May 3, 2013

40 weeks/9 months/my due date/may 3, 2013

That's today. And unless this little man sees fit to burst out of my womb within the next 45 minutes, he will "officially" be late. I'm ok with that since I do still feel pretty good and all my appointments are showing no concerns but even so, it sure would be nice to meet him.

Apparently, I currently have two speeds I am rolling with each day:

1) frantic cleaning/nesting

2) comatose napping

Neither are a joke house constantly smells so fresh and so clean and the laundry is neatly folded in the appropriate drawers. The winter clothes have been replaced with summer attire, the gardens have been weeded, quick and ready to grab breakfasts have been cooked and are frozen, and I have quite a back up supply of all things household and personal care...just in case I go into labor quickly and Chad can't find Kroger while I am nursing this new son of mine and Linley finds herself without toothpaste.

And then when these cleaning/nesting spells are over, I lay down for a short rest and wake up, drooling beautifully, 3 hours later. And I am no napper, unless apparently I am pregnant then all previous likes and dislikes fly out the window.

Except for my love of cream cheese topped with red pepper jelly and eaten with club crackers...possibly in 10 minutes or less. Possibly. Very possible.

I feel quite ready.

Linley spends a lot of time talking to my womb and asking Beck to "please give mommy some contractions soon" and Chad kind of eyes me from the other side of the bed each time I attempt to roll over...I think it's safe to say I am frightening to him, though he hides it well when he tells me I am pretty.

He's done this a time or two before.

So we continue to wait. My next appointment is Monday afternoon and I wouldn't mind missing it for having had Beck or being in labor but I have a feeling I will be waddling in as planned.

He is coming so the details are all ok. I have prayed that he will be a contented little man and if his lack of desire to have more space is any indication, then I may have had an answer to prayer indeed.

I cannot wait to meet you son.


  1. I check your blog every day to see if you've had him yet. I've never met you but we live in the same town and I have joined the multitude who has prayed and cried many tears for you. My children are very familiar with Piper's story and we will continue to take you and your family before God's throne, until we meet you there one day.

  2. Hi sweet Beck - Tell your beautiful Mommy that you refuse to come out until she gives mrs. Linda her recipe. ;) love you and we cannot wait to see your precious face...