Thursday, May 19, 2011

1 year down, twelve to go.

Remember this sweet Linley?

This was way back when. You know, when you were 5 instead of "almost six and a half". Back when you liked your hair short because you so disliked brushing it out. Back when you could read a few sight words and count not so high. Back when you had not yet met your classmate Darius and learned all about Micheal Jackson. Back when pink was the only color you wanted to wear and when your favorite snack was go gurts.

Flash forward about 8months and you are so very grown up. No longer tied to a pink fantasy you now love turquoise or better yet, fushia. You have shown an incredible aptitude for reading. You have been known to write a very detailed description of a rough morning when mommy threatened to sell you at Walmart. You have found science to be much more interesting than I ever did. You have told the faculty at your public school all about Jesus's Birthday, aka Christmas and let them know we dont like magic. Your confidence is growing by leaps and bounds and your compassion is as deep as those sweet blue eyes.

You have proven to anyone watching just what I have always said, Linley Coe Needham is Especially Special!

(Next up, First Grade)

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful, Way to go Linley!!!
    We all end up feeling a little crazy at Walmart at one point or another :) I have been known to walk around dazed in circles in that place!
    I love you all so so much, can't wait to celebrate the big three-o ;)