Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thirty Shmirty

I have never been a big fan of numbers. And not for lack of opportunity since I found myself in the same math classes over and over again in high school and college.

I have just never understood the way the darn things worked together so easily for some (obviously odd) people. As for me, I enjoyed other parts of academia. English...no problem. History...fascinating. Science...all good until chemistry reared its ugly, complex, and often numerical head. Surprisingly, I can still count in Spanish but I think its simply because I use words to do so.

Even twelve years after graduating high school with good grades in everything but math, I still find myself dumbfounded by simple multiplication tables at times. And I have been known to count on my fingers and if necessary, my toes. When I lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for a season I often found myself driving aimlessly down their numerical streets and avenues. I never could get the gist of going down 31st Avenue and taking a left on 63rd Street...give me Smith Road to Azalea Lane any day. During a brief stint in cosmetology school I was being taught to add a third of this to a quarter of that and my thoughts would immediately begin contemplating what new color I should paint my toes or if I thought I should bring a book to the beach later that evening.

Have I made my case yet?

Obviously there are few things that I relish about numbers and the things one can do with them.

But while numbers are so not my thing I am pretty proud of my new one, "thirty". A lot of my friends fought turning thirty. Some said they felt old. Some said they didn't like the way it sounded. Some aren't where they wanted to be at thirty.

Me? I'm cool. Its a nice and even number. It wont have me failing a test or getting lost. It will serve me well, I believe. I had big plans to make a list (I dig lists) of 30 things that I want to do when I am thirty so...

1) get lots of duct tape for this marriage of mine
2) special bonding with my sweet six year old
3) the beginnings of a lifetime cancer free for my almost 2 year old
4) more babies? perhaps? pretty please?
5) an apartment with two toilets.
6) the ability to drink coffee without grimacing.
7) a hobby that brings in a little money.
8) knowing my God a little more every day.
9) patience. lets get lots of that.
10)learn to say "no" to Edys Rocky Road ice cream...just once in a while.

Obviously, I have not reached thirty goals for spending this year of thirty. You know, numbers and all. Plus I don't want to be a blog hog and I feel like my point has been made. I had a birthday and I am okay with being 30, especially if I can spell it out like this, "thirty"..


  1. You're the coolest 30 year old Mom that I know! You write the best blogs and you just have a way with words. You should really put together a book! I would buy it!

  2. Most wonderful! And may the next thirty schmirty blow you away with blessings :)