Friday, June 10, 2011

"Hey, its okay"

- to not be able to stop laughing at the part in the last post about my six year old wanting to "drink the juice" at church...we totally only do that on the full moon when all the snakes are more easily manipulated. (must I say I am kidding here?)

-to take 5 days to clean my super small bathroom. One day for the sink, one day for the toilet, one day for the shower...take a break day 'cause that part is a doozy and finish up with the floors.

-to like the show Mob Wives mainly for the music but also for the one wife who is not a shrew nor a shrinking violet.

-to allow your almost 2 year old to climb on the counters because it seems an awful lot like physical therapy to this mommy.

-to think the word "naughty" just plain sounds naughty. Like, keep it in the bedroom, naughty.

-to still be awaiting the day I can apply lipstick better than my daugher. Either of those daughters.

-to not understand why some people wear shirts that have wording on them unless they want you to read it. And I cant see very clearly so if I am squinting at your chest while you are walking towards me, my bad.

-to have daughters that dress significantly better than myself.

-to want to live in an era or a country that encourages ladies to wear those awesome hats that we saw at the Royal Wedding.

-to not taste the food I cook as I cook give me the heebie jeebies which probably now means that I will never have a dinner guest again because everyone now probably thinks my cooking stinks.

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