Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Summer y'all!

Apparently the official season of Summer began yesterday.

I did not know this since my daughters school has been out for 5 weeks, count it, FIVE weeks. After the initial thrill of late nights and mid day movies, The Boredom Bug has definitely bite my little girl. I had forgotten how summer days can be so very long when Mommy wont chauffeur on demand and when play dates are not a daily occurrence even with as easy going of a little girl as my Linley.

But I believe I have underestimated my daughter.

Underestimated her ability to be so easily bored and...

...equally underestimated what lengths she was going to go to in order to find her own little version of fun when its laundry/errand/cleaning day.

So Happy Summer to all you mommies trying your best!

1 comment:

  1. This picture sums it all up! LOL! I remember being SO bored during the summer, too. Hopefully she can hit a good self-entertainment stride here soon and you both can be put out of your summertime boredom misery. :)