Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tybee Island, GA 2011

Years ago I was a nanny for 2 little (incredibly adorable, now incredibly tall and grown up preteens) boys. Each of my days were spent playing Thomas trains, watching Thomas the train movies and eating little mini pizza sandwiches. It was fun and it was obviously busy. One day I told the oldest I was "losing my head" and that sweet 4 year old thought that was the most hilarious thing he had ever heard. Each day from that moment on until I left to care for my own little daughter he would ask me if I had my head or if I had lost it yet.

To this day, I still hear his laughter every time I feel busy, crazed or super fun.

And as you know, my life is a little hmmm...busy? Crazed? Super fun?

Thankfully my inlaws decided we all needed a little vacation and they booked a week for us all at Tybee Island. Last year we went to Daytona. I have to say I think we traded up this year.

Tybee was beautiful and relaxing and all the things a vacation should be. We spent hours on the beach, ate much shrimp, visited Savannah, rode bikes and focused on doing nothing else. As usual for my girls, they kept Chad and I on our toes since Piper loved the sand and hated the waves and Linley loved the waves and hated spending time in the sand...basically he and I just played tag and traded girls off and on until a grandparent stepped in and saved us. Both my girls proved once again that they have their daddies great skin tone and not their mommies tendency to burn despite SPF Way Super High.

It was a wonderful time for this mommy to find her head once again...

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