Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello, 2nd of July

..Its nice to meet you. I know your sister, the 4th of July but this year we chose you to celebrate on simply because you fell on a Saturday.

As we have done for the last 3 years we went to the tiny town of Gratis for some of the best and longest display of fireworks around. Piper is still not walking solo but she definitly is attempting to keep up with her big sister and they both had a great time at the nearby playground, playing with glowsticks and eating rice crispy treats with our sweet friend Zoe (oh yeah, and her mom and dad).

We literally drove home from the beach, dropped our bags off, played a game of Operation and let Daddy nap for 30minutes then ran back out the door to grab dinner and meet up with the rest of the party to celebrate. Thankfully I was fully rested and thankfully Linley LOVES fireworks and Piper just wants to cuddle when they are going off so it was a most enjoyable night for all of us.

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  1. Nathan and I love the pics of your girls! Just beautiful...