Friday, July 29, 2011

Piper+dehydration= Scottish Rite

When I last posted, unbeknown to you, I was in the midst of spending 8 solid days watching mindless television, being brought three square (ish) meals a day on a tray, and visiting with a lot of wonderful women in sweet uniforms.

(Aaanndd...I just realized it sounds like I spent a week in a mental hospital. Or possibly jail. Fabulous.)

Thankfully, it was neither of those things because I have no time to break any laws nor the time to fall apart, though I have penciled in a period of melting down once Piper successfully completes treatment this fall. I shall call it Planned Post Traumatic Stress Vacation and I am uncertain as to whether I will be allowing anyone to come with me on this experience.

But I digress.

Today is Friday and Piper and I came home from our little Scottish Rite vacation on Wednesday. I had a hard time posting because we were having such a great time being on isolation, pooping a lot (Piper), cleaning poop up a lot (Myself), watching an awful lot of Elmo,hiding food from a two year old and trying to keep Piper mobile while attached to a ridiculously loaded down IV pole. Don't be jealous of how I spent my summer.

Thankfully, after rushing in through the ER Tuesday night and finding Piper pretty dehydrated, they admitted us pretty quickly and began the battery of tests that go along with being a leukemia patient acting ill. Blood tests, stool test, TPN, fluids, semi gut rest and random fevers all added up to "a simple summer virus". Yep, that's what those Dr's said. Unfortunately for Piper, her immune system is a joke at the moment and when she feels bad she stops eating and this combined with the diarrhea she had recently begun having again well, dehydration was the order of the week. And because she randomly was having fevers her visit stretched to 8 amazing days.
We finally broke out of there and have been home for 2 days and all is back to normal. She is totally back to the silly, sweet Piper we know and love. I am always amazed at how quickly she can go down hill and how quickly she will bounce back. The only thing we are changing up is holding her weekly and daily chemo doses...She has a appointment this week to check everything out and hopefully start things back up.

So, what did you do this week? I am totally caught up on my Elmo episodes should anyone want to know how he and his blankie are. And because I have the lowdown I will suggest you not show your two year old anything about this furry red monster...its a doozy of a thing to have constantly running through your brain, memory and dreams.


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