Thursday, July 14, 2011

my blog? Oh yeah, that.

For lack of the mental effort it would take to make excuses for not keeping anyone/everyone updated I will instead make a a list of what I have been busy doing since coming home from that amazing vacation to Tybee Island.

Not to brag, but rather so that I can remember. It has indeed, been THAT busy.

1) Monday: packed the entire apartment up.

2) Tuesday: spent the day, kid free, with the spousal unit at IKEA celebrating our
7th Anniversary which was actually the following Sunday. (I think)

3) Wednesday: moved majority of belongings into new apartment

4) Thursday: celebrated Pipers 2nd Bday by getting her a new "big girl" bed

5) Friday: Pedicures and lunch with the ladies in my family prepping for my sisters induction the following day.

6) Saturday: farmers market and then spent the day waiting for Braxton to arrive

7) Sunday: Braxton Clyde Grant graces us with his awesome cheeks after 28 hrs of labor!

8) Monday: woke up to the news that my sister in law had delivered their son five weeks early. After taking Pipers to her 2 yr check up I packed Linley up and rode with my dad to Fayetteville NC to meet the amazing Nash Teague Martin and to kiss on his big sister.

9) Tuesday: slept the majority of the trip home from NC and perked up in time to cuddle my own sweet Piper but also get a few kisses from Braxton.

10)Wednesday: playdate for Linley and lots of attempts at unpacking my own home as well as a late night chai and m&m date with a good friend.

11)Thursday: dragged both Chad and Linley to a early morning sedation/spinal chemo for Piper and cheered because while she was totally rotten at the clinic, it was her very last sedation EVER!

12)Friday: tomorrow I plan to help a friend move and not deny my mom and Aunt the chance to watch my two sweet girls while Chad and I go fall asleep at Barnes and Nobles...aka: have a date night.

Sounds like fun? It actually has been...I have had some sweet moments with both my new nephews and was suggested a Tylenol by my own daughter when I spoke of my renewed "baby fever".

As if.

Now that I have a true list...(And apparently my memory!)...I will spend some time adding some pics of all these sweet little newbies to the family and also of this new apartment with so very many modern amenities.

And if I am going to be all wild and crazy I may actually catch up on some of the goings on from oh, six months ago. Like the fact that Linley had a rockin' party to celebrate turning 6. Or that Chad and I ran to the mountains for five heavenly days. Or this amazing chair I found next to the dumpster...Maybe I should just take a Tylenol and hush about expanding my own family until things are semi caught up.

As if. :)


  1. Great post! You've inspired me to do one like this in explanation for the recent crickets on my own blog, although my busy-ness is like a nicely rounded picnic hill to your Mt. Everest. ;)

  2. And I was beginning to think you hadn't written because you had nothing going on... HA!
    Love your whole sweet family :)