Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Makes me smile.

My Linley makes me smile.

There is a joy and simplicity about her little self that makes me smile a million times a day. She is smart. She is observant. She is compassionate. She continues to accept the mess that our life so often is and she is a stronger little lady because of it.

For two years she has thrust to the sidelines at a moments notice. She adores the times that I am able to squeeze quality time into and she abhors being without her sister at night. Because her new school is showering her with attention, prayer and encouragement she has been thriving regardless of our presence. I'm not sure how she maintains her sweet optimism but I am so very happy that she soothes this soul.

Yet another thing my firstborn does a lot of these days, in the midst of making me smile, is practice her handwriting. And by practice her handwriting I mean she is writing on anything that will stay still long enough. (including on her bicep today at school but that's another story for another day) Linley doodles on this, Linley doodles on that, Linley writes me a note here, there and everywhere.

I love that.

Apart from having little notes spilling out of my purse at a moments notice, she has now begun writing notes to the general public. No door, wall or surface is safe from her and her sweet thoughts.

This just helps me to smile just a little more at each turn in my home.


(***the middle note reads like this:

Bunk bed rules
Not allowed under 6, but six and up you can

If you weigh more than 100 pounds you can

Linley is six.

If you are six you can come and if you are over six that is okay)

Now see if you can envision my girl composing little notes and not smile like I do.


  1. Smile AND giggle - thank you Linley. :) My faves are "piper is home" and "exit here". Hilarious! Praying ...

  2. I LOVE IT! She is such an awesome girl :) It's because of her awesome mom...duh!