Monday, September 26, 2011


Tomorrow is Pipers much anticipated, long awaited bone marrow aspirate. Supposedly this will be taking place at 11:00am but the nurse/friend let it slip that there was actually a question mark followed by the word "tentatively" on the schedule sheet.

As my Piper would say, "fabaduss" and waiting for hours with a two year old who cannot eat nor drink is indeed as fabulous as you are imagining.

When Piper is sedated tomorrow at 11:00am ( or 3:35 or 6pm or...whenever) she will have marrow taken out to have examined intensely to see if there is any leukemia evident. She will also have methotrexate, arac and hydrocortisone administered to her spine to continue to keep the beast from invading. We will hear results within a day or two and that will give the doctors the information they need to make a plan. Because Pipers anc is now up to 150 and her wbc is up to 455 there is a chance that we will be going home within the week. So we wait...does anyone else see a pattern?

The powers that be over at the Bone Marrow Registry have found 11 potential matches for Piper. My heart leaps when I think of this...The knowledge that somewhere out there is someone who can quite possibly be prepping to literally save my daughters life is mind boggling. I can only hope. pray. wish big big big things. And wait...of course.

Last Saturday I met with 500 of my dearest friends from around the state. It was a luncheon intended to celebrate the mothers of the children in the area who are affected by various cancers. I was able to hug the neck of a mommy whom I love dearly...she lost her sweet son the day before Piper relapsed. I was also able to sit next to another favorite lady whose own daughter is thriving off of treatment. The extremes at which childhood cancer can range is amazing...and yet, I rarely meet a woman who is not able to do whatever it is that is thrust upon them.

Childhood cancer be damned but I am consoled by this motley camaraderie that it has made of women who really, just love our children and will do what it takes to raise them.


  1. Praying, praying, praying! Tonight I'm singing Enter the Worship Circle's "You Are Mine" and praying for all four of you. Praying that you are at peace and that you are reminded that you are not alone as you pass through the river.

  2. Thank you for posting dear wonderful woman. God bless those bone marrow donors!

    i love you and all of yours...

    I lift my eyes up to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalms 121