Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter pictures

I have a beautiful daughter.

Inside and out, Linley is quite stunning and I forget sometimes to document this in both photos and stories. Our church had an Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter and we were able to participate this year...unlike last year, which I do not remember, but apparently they chose to not have in honor of my daughters funeral a few hours later.

Have I mentioned I am in a good, good, good church?

I am.

And I am thankful so many times over.

But this year we were all about Easter Egg hunts and Linley had 3 separate ones (church, school and Nanas house) and did a great job of scoring Mommy and Daddy some good loot that I now have stashed up on the fridge so it's relatively "out of sight and out of mind" until I find Chad digging through it which makes me need a jelly bean that I hadn't even thought about 2 minutes before.

Here she is. This is not an aggressive child in any way, shape or fact she might have forgotten the entire hunt for the way she tends to people watch. The little guy lined up next to her was asking how was she going to get the most eggs and she looked totally taken aback...

Again, not aggressive but beautiful.

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