Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2 months (or so)

I'm slacking.

I've got the whole "two kids, don't shower, just keep moving" thing down again but blogging nor picture taking rarely makes its way onto my to-do list.

Kissing on sweet cheeks does
Listening to made up stories does
Discovering new smiley dimples does
Painting pink toes does
Braiding slowly growing hair does
Hearing early morning coos does
Holding soft hands does
Watching confident swimmers does
Cuddling snugly sons does
Feeling bedtime nostalgia does
Thanking God for simplicity does

This summer is flying by. Beck went recently to his 2 month check up and all is well (ish). His spitting up combined with his lack of big weight gain had us at the hospital to rule out pyloric stenosis. That was a wee bit nerve racking but all is clear and Beck continues to be the happiest and most contented kid out there...our days are spent smiling, then spitting, then smiling, then spitting and so on...we go back at 3 months to re-check weight.

He weighed in at 9lbs 12 oz and 23 inches long. He eats a 4 or 5 oz bottle every 4 hours though I'm certain he spits a good portion back up. He is currently sleeping a solid and consistent 8 or 9 hours at night and has a routine of bottle, play then nap that cycles through the day. He prefers to nap in the midst of activity but that's no surprise as he has spent the last two months doing anything and everything that Linley does.

And the boy laughs...

There is no sweeter sound that a baby who laughs and there is no sweeter face than the baby who wonders where that sound came from.

He lights up with Linley around and has been known to fight napping for me only to fall asleep in Linleys arms as she successfully transfers him to his crib. He loves to sleep on his tummy but not at night. He loves his pacifier but not when going to bed at night. And he loves have a blanket up to his cheek and fiddling in his hand as he drifts off...just like his sisters.

Still a joy. Still thankful.


  1. He is SO CUTE! What a beautiful family you have!

  2. He's absolutely precious!!

    Ask your pediatrician about acid reflux. We went through the pyloric stenosis tests amongst many others...switched doctor prescribed liquid Zantac and my twins were like brand new babies (and I no longer had to carry a change of clothes from them AND myself!!)

  3. Oh my goodness I miss him! Please give him a squeeze for me :)