Wednesday, July 10, 2013

...and here's to 9 more years.

9 years of marriage

8 pack it all up and moves

7 pets of varying types

6 vehicles plus a work truck

5 months spent separated

4 months spent renovating a home

3 children born in Gods timing

2 years spent battling cancer

1 death of a sweet daughter

1/2 (+ a little bit) of a bachelors degree for the Mr.

Here's to the first 9 years. You've driven me nuts and you've calmed my fears. You've hurt me and you've healed me. You watched me bring our children into the world and you help me hold one as she left this world. You've sold your belongings to make ends meet, hung 4729226 decorative things on the walls of our home and you rave about my cooking, only requesting I never make squash casserole again.

One shouldn't enter marriage assuming it shall be easy or simple. After 9 years of commitment to you, I am simply thankful that you are as damaged, sinful, flawed and broken as I am...and that God is the only reason we will continue together to walk a few steps forward and a few steps back in this marriage. Somehow we are growing and learning and perfecting this reliance on grace, God and each other...somehow, indeed.


  1. Loved this! Happy anniversary to you two.

  2. Happy Anniversary indeed! You have accomplished SO much together x

  3. Happy anniversary! squash casserole is the one dish my husband will never touch either!