Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earrings make me smile

Today was shoddy from the get-go. If you are one of the many people who happened to ask me how I was doing and got the waterworks...I am sorry, but thanks for listening.

And since today had so very many tears, and I was still waiting to pick Linley up from preschool, I wandered around town and ended up in a shop called Charming Charlies for the first time and splurged on a pair of fabulous earrings that made me smile. And by splurge I mean $7.95.

Yes, they are owls and I say...fabulous.


  1. My mom is gonna be so jealous of those earrings! They are fantabulous!

  2. Nurse Carraway (my beautiful daughter) told me to read your blog...... My, what you must be going through.. Heather says so many wonderful things about you and your family... of course Piper... she has a special spot in Heather's heart.... She sure loves those babies.....
    I pray your world continues to see more happiness with those precious daughters.

  3. You are fabulous for sure! Still praying for you all.