Friday, January 8, 2010

Phase 4, day 1

Yesterday was Pipers 6 month birthday! She is amazing...especially without steriods in her body. Smiling and laughing all the time. Rolling all around and sitting up like a pro. She has no interest in eating any food off of a spoon but I am so sure its because of being fed yucky medications orally. She will gnaw the heck out of a banana or a cracker though! And she will lick her fingers if I splat some baby food on her table...way to be sanitary, eh?

Georgia shuts down at the slightest mention of snow so there was talk of not going into Clinic this morning. We waited until the sun came up and made it here with no problem. Piper got her triple chemo in the lumbar puncture and a catheter in for the HD (high dose) of Methotrexate that she will begin any time now. We came across the road and will be inpatient until Tuesday I am assuming. Pray for the stinking never stays in and she always leaks and it usually becomes more of a hassle than anything.

Its not so bad being back at CHOA. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful these nurses, doctors and personnel are. Once we walk through the doors, people are chatting to Linley and Piper both. Right now, I know 4 pf the patients from other visits and it is almost like a reunion whenever we are admitted with friends...of course, here the kiddos are a little loopy from lortab and have lines and catheters hanging out but I am chosing to be optimistic. Most of us parents do chose to be optimistic on a daily basis because really, what can I complain about? As my sweet Linley said the other day in the van...*sigh* "You and Daddy werent tricking me mommy, life isnt fair". The sadness in her voice was obvious and I am not sure what helped that epiphany, but it was poignant none the less. Life is not fair and Thank you Lord for getting us by anyways.

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  1. oh bless sweet Linley's heart. What a true statement, but hate that she has to learn it so young. Still praying for you guys! Let me know when Miriam's coming so I can send the carseat.