Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Get the Methotrexate out!

Last night we had a "floater" nurse, an occluded line that beeped every 20 minutes and a case of the missing Sensi-Care diaper cream...All in all, I am totally glad that my mom was here to help me out when Piper woke up at 8am. And now my Aunt Paula has graced me with her sweet face and helping hands. But unfortunately she made mention of having a "Girls Night" and Piper thought we were talking about her too...so she made sure to stay up until Midnight. Happily flirting with the security guards in the lobby and wrinkling up her nose while laughing at us. Who has HD Methotrexate in their little body???

She finished the 24 hrs of Methotrexate at 9am Sunday and her levels were at 150.76. They like to see them at 150 at hour 24 so as a precautionary measure they bumped up her fluids to chase the stuff out quickly. The longer the Methotrexate stays in her system the higher the chance of mouth sores and bottom break down. So the nurses took that 24 hour draw (9am Sunday) and then again at 12 noon and she was at 86.0. She followed with a 10pm draw of 2.26, a 3am draw of 0.70, a 9am draw of 0.30. They consider her 48 hr level draw to be 9am this morning and are happy with how quickly she is getting the stuff out...Leucovorin began this morning at 3am and will be given every 6 hours to coat the good cells and organs from the Methotrexate that still remains. Her catheter has leaked some, but her bottom is not too bad...she has a rash on her wrists and knees, but I was told that is common with Methotrexate and we are just watching to ensure it not become infected. Please pray for a spot on her cheek/jawline, it is red and I am putting aquaphor on it to keep the Methotrexate drool off of it.

Piper will have another draw at 3am and hopefully by the time I wake up tomorrow we will know the results. Anything under 0.1 is reason to head home and I would love to have 2 full days at home before heading back for another 24 hr dose on Friday.

Everyone is very impressed with how well Piper seems to be doing so far. She is still smiling and laughing. I know she is tired or her muscles hurt because anytime I sit her up she immediately begins to keel over and she usually sits up alone just fine. We have had a very busy few days visiting with all of out AFLAC friend, patients and nurses both. I cant imagine not having familiar faces when we land here...It makes all the differance.

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