Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy baby

If one is in the hospital with a baby undergoing 6 hours of chemotherapy each day, what is the obvious thing that should be included? A big sister of course. And so I begged Chad to bring my lovely 4 year old Linley up to stay the night. Piper' nurse tonite and tomorrow is her primary and she lovingly turned a blind eye to the 3rd body in the room...and promises to do the same tomorrow. Provided Piper continues to be so jolly.

And jolly she is. She is laughing and smiley and dont you know we are walking all over this hospital. She feeds off of the attention and thank God there are many a nurse, cleaning lady, stranger to smile and her and tell her she is so pretty. She will probably respond to "pretty" as much as "Piper". Linley is a great addition and makes Piper so happy. Of course, being a preschooler, Linley cannot physically WALK anywhere. She must skip, hop or do the "Look what I can do" thing from MadTv...and it cracks Piper up to no end. Linley has promised me that she will behave for a few hours. She said this so earnestly that I have no doubt for a few hours she will be angelic...and then she will get tired and I will pull out all the mommy tricks that I can. It will be worth it to have both girls here with me.

Medically, Piper has been getting about 6 hrs of chemo each day and we will be going home on Saturday. Her appetite is dropping but other than that she has not been any more fussy or irritable. She gets Zofran every 6 hrs to combat the nausea and throwing up and so far we are good. She has begun to really roll like crazy here in her crib but I just attempt to remind her that its is really futile...there is only so far to go when you are hemmed in a hospital. She also has begun to raise her torso up off the ground and get her knees up under her and rock. Crawling? Really? Really? Kiddo...should we tell you that you are sick? Sweet girl.

We were delivering some coffee to a friend whose daughter is in the PICU upstairs and passed our pastor in the waiting room. We go to a fairly large church and while the pastor knows our story, we havent talked outside of church. We stopped to say hello and found out that he was here visiting another member of the church whose daughter was in an automobile accident. She is not responsive and I can only imagine how her family is feeling. And yet, I can honestly vouch that God is Good and He cares for those who love Him. Not always in the way we think we want but in the very way that we need. I am praying tonight for the whole family and please join me. I could tell you for hours all the needs that friends and family have...I could tell you hundreds of sad stories that moms and dads tell me in the lobby every day. And I will tell you again that God is still good in the midst of the me and then ultimately Trust Him.


  1. your girls are beauties! so glad that things are going well today.

    ps. who is the family in the car accident?

  2. So glad to hear she is having a good round - and that you had time with both girls!!! The pictures are wonderful. Hope things continue to go well so you can head home tomorrow. Thinking of you! Heather & Sarah

  3. Linley sounds delightful. I love the joy that children can bring into a situation.

  4. Love the pictures, and so glad your sweet little fam is doing well.

  5. Thank you for your comment, it is downright humbling to hear your perspective and know that at times I can think in such an opposite way. I love you.