Monday, February 1, 2010


Dear God,

I don't do Migraines. Thanks for showing me that I definitely need to get more sleep and drink less caffeine, but couldn't you let me know less painfully? Because it really is humbling to sob on the couch until my mother comes home and takes over and sends me to bed. On the flip side, thanks for that mother. And thanks for the wonderful worship at church that I vaguely remember. And thanks for guiding me home with less that perfect vision and less than pleasant daughters in the back. And so I do not do Migraines. I thought maybe I hadn't told you that I do have a limit to my ability to "just keep moving, just keep moving" and apparently a Migraine is it.

Thanks ever so much,


P.s. I also don't do Leukemia and sassy 4 year old girls but I guess I forgot to let you know that.

1 comment:

  1. oh gosh Sus, I wish I could offer to keep your girls if that ever happens again! If you were any closer, I totally would! Yea for moms coming to the rescue :) I realize you probably don't have a great attitude all the time, but you surely seem to have one most of the time, and I am both inspired and convicted by that. Praying for you tonight.