Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lunch? Nah...

Some may call this Lunch, but around here its called "wishful thinking". And yet, every day I lay out enough choices for a small army in the hopes that we find that Perfect Food that Piper will scarf down and gain weight from. So far, yogurt is the only thing she is interested in off of a spoon. She likes carrots, ham and olives in small bites and club crackers as well.

Linley has never been a big eater either but I never had a problem getting her to even taste something...I think this is going to be a long struggle for us all.


  1. Frozen Peas? May have to try some chocolate pudding for the weight gain! :-) She will learn to eat something along the way. Hope she can go home soon. What's going on with the Athens stuff? Has Chad found a job?

  2. ours are super picky too... if you figure out any way around that, let me know!!

  3. she doesn't look deprived...look at those cute scrumptious cheeks!!!