Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a day.

What a day. The nurses were never able to unclog Pipers CVL and around 9am we started talking options. Pipers primary nurse, Jaime, whom we love, thought that this line was probably at the end of its little life...and suggested the port. We spoke with the Dr and she agreed and told me to hold off on feeding Piper anything else in order to be ready to go at any minute for surgery. We waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, after a long day of nothing, she was called into surgery at 7:45pm. She made it from 830am until 10pm to eat ANYTHING. And wasnt tooooo horribly fussy either. Surgery went well, Piper ate a big old bottle and went to bed. She woke again at 4am and got another few ounces and some Lortab because she was hurting, not only from the surgery but the intubation in her throat while they do it. (And the broken elbow...dont forget the broken elbow. Or the Chemo that began at 11:45)

She ended up sleeping until 11am. When she woke up her right eye was swollen so she was given Benedryl to see if it would get it didnt go down until tonight around 9ish. No idea where that came from. While on this HD ARAC Piper has to get steriod eye drops every 6 hours to prevent conjunctivitous, so she got those throughout the day. And then she slept. And slept and slept. All day...eating every so often and getting Lortab to keep her peaceful. It was both calming to see her resting and heartwretching to see her in this shape. This evening she began spiking a fever, which is normal with the HD ARAC. She got up to 102.6 and then it kind of hung out around 102 until it went down to 98.5 at midnight. Because Piper got so much sleep today she woke up at 10 in a WONDERFUL mood and stayed happy until I just put her to bed at midnight. She has some sort of random rash that looks almost like chicken pox on her body. Where on her body you ask? Well, it moves. One time I look its on her left cheek, then it disappears and we find it on her arms...and wait! There are spots on her little legs too. Very strange but not bothering her in the least so we just play I Spy A Spot and roll on.

She began her 3rd dose of the HD ARAC at 11:45 tonight and I am praying she sleeps through the night and stays fairly contented. Her little body is being beaten up but I pray, like always, that it is one more painful, ugly step to Cure. And just so you know, it does help to know you are praying for me. It really does.

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  1. SOOOO glad to hear that surgery went well, and so excited that she got through the period w/o eating without too much trouble!!!! Thank you God for those answers to prayer!!! Sorry to hear about her eye, rash, and fever though. Poor little baby! We are praying for you and will add these things to our prayers.
    Love you! Heather