Monday, February 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home at last. Piper did a total 180 from the last few days. She went to bed last night and had a fever at midnight vitals. We gave her some Lortab (because I now easily stick narcotics into my kiddo) and she slept well. Woke up and steadily got happier and happier as the day went by. She even began leaning into our kissing as if to kiss us back. Of course, not if any of the nurses were watching...but she did. Although she was doing really well, it was decided that Piper should stay at the hospital until the afternoon to ensure the fevers stays away for 12 hours. It did and we got out of there as fast as the nurse could draw up discharge papers. What a visit.

Now I am home and happy. Spent the evening eating a wonderfully home cooked meal by Chads Granny and loving on my family. Blissful. The good things in life are truly free and simple. Now we are waiting for her counts to drop, usually about 7-10 days after the first of her chemo. Supposedly, the HD ARAC causes fevers when the counts drop as well as when she is receiving the chemo. Fun, but being readmitted is not what we want to do next weekend. So pray with us that she does not get a fever and that we can keep her away from ickiness while her immune system is gone. If she does not get any fevers we will be outpatient chemo for the next 9 WEEKS. Yes, 9 weeks...I wont know what to do with my time!

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  1. ahhh!! praying for no fever!! 9 weeks... what a wonderful gift that would be!!