Thursday, February 18, 2010

sometimes I just dont stay busy enough.

Know why I think that? Because things just keep building up on my plate and I am just not sure how to be super-juggling-mom. I guess the first way would be to NEVER let your 7 month old lay on the bed by herself while you help your 5 year old pick out her clothes. Because if you do, that wonderfully sweet 7 month old will roll off the bed and possibly break her elbow. Or bruise it...We should find out soon. The local ER didn't see any fracture but in babies it is harder to see so CHOA did another xray today and we should know more tomorrow. ( and thanks to Jennifer and Ashley for the sweet visit Wed night at that little ER)

Speaking of tomorrow, we should be able to begin the High Dose Cytarabine (ARAC) then. Piper was supposed to start her first dose this afternoon and the subsequent 3 doses every 12 hours and then we would be out of here Saturday morning. But her CVL is clogged and they cannot get a blood return, thus no chemo yet. They put TPA in the line to break up the clot they assume is there, but so far no good. Please pray that they are able to get a blood return and the chemo started. Its a difficult drug in a high dose and I am already a little frightened by the side effects (peeling skin, fevers, diarrhea, loss of appetite, mucositis, conjunctivitis in the eyes...). The sooner we get it in her body the sooner it can work its magic and get out of her body. Also, Chad was feeling pretty icky this Monday night while I was consignment-sale-thrifty-mommy-ing. He had both girls and the next morning he woke with a sore throat, followed by a positive strep B test. Apparently this is fairly easy for adults but can be more severe in little ones. Pipers Dr was not concerned so I am not either, but pray please that it completely by-passes my sweet girls.

Well, that's all in our world. I thank you all for your prayers and please keep them up. This HD ARAC is pretty yucky and I am overwhelmed with not only that but the elbow and the CVL problem...good grief, its just alot at one time.

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  1. Hello sweet family! Susanna I have done the exact same thing (concerning the rolling baby) except I had no excuse of a second daughter at the time. I will pray that all is as it needs to be. I love you so... How was the birthday?