Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday 2/21 pm

The only thing you can plan for with Leukemia is that the plan will change. Often, multiple times. If I were going by the protocol, Piper and I would have been out of here yesterday around lunch. Unfortunately, all of those fun and exciting things kept happening and her last dose of chemo finished up at 7 tonight. Because her fever keeps coming back and then subsiding, then back and then subsiding, the Dr on call made the decision to have us stay another night. Usually if the child gets a fever while getting the ARAC, it will go away around 12 hours after the last dose. So, hopefully by morning she should be fever-free and we can get the go ahead to leave.

I always want to get home but this time I really am missing my husband. And my sweet Linley. And supposedly Piper will probably get another fever when her counts bottom out, probably this weekend. Which means we are back again. But on the up side...this was Pipers last chemo for this phase. And this phase is the last in those oh so very hard and aggressive 6 months. Thank you Lord...I see the light at the end of this tunnel.

As far as prayer requests go, I have a few.

1. That Piper does not get a fever when her counts bottom out. (and that this fever stays away)

2. No relapse when the aggressive chemo begins to wane...I pray that it has done its job and her body will show no leukemic cells ever again.

3. A job for Chad.

4. A little more of that peace and grace. The peace to keep us going when its ugly. And the grace to keep our friends and family around when we get ugly.

5. Also please pray for the Sellers family. They are hurting and tired as they maneuver this new life without their little Pyper.


  1. Thanks for sharing these specific prayer needs. I know you are missing Chad and Linley! Especially praying tonight that you will be able to go home tomorrow!! Hope you all are able to sleep alright tonight. Much love to you! Heather

  2. Thanks for the specifics! They definitely help those of us praying for you guys. Love to you guys.