Friday, February 26, 2010

Sweet Quiet.

It is Friday night and all is well. Piper and Linley are settled into bed and Chad is at work. I am curled up next to the fire, planning a big night of nothing but laundry and possibly an old Doris Day movie. If you were to peek into my window you would think I was a calm and peaceful mother with a blessed family. And I am.

We chose to keep Piper here at home this week. Because the chemo is so intense, and because her counts drop to virtually nothing, we felt like this was the best attempt to keep her well. As of right now she is happy and no signs of a fever. Of course, because it is our family and things are never as simple as you would imagine we have been very busy none the less. On Wednesday, Linley and I were baking some yummy granola and Piper was next to us in her excersaucer "car"...she was happy and chatty and apparently taking off her cast the whole time I was focusing on measuring out almonds. Little stinker took it off and began laughing. I couldn't believe my eyes for a minute. She looked like Larry the Cable Guy with her cut off sleeves and I couldn't figure out why she looked so strange with so much flesh showing. Until I realized the cast was under her feet and she was waving her arms around.

We took her to the ER that night and they put a temporary cast on then we went today and they put a new so-called permanent cast on.. Its purple and its girly and its a good thing because she doesn't have a lick of hair on her head and I am tired of telling people that she is not a boy. That is almost as annoying as telling them "no, not Paper...her name is Piper". That happens a lot actually.

We are still praying for a quiet weekend and week as her counts rise with no complications. I was reminded today that we have been wonderfully covered throughout the past 5 months. I cannot tell you how certain I am that it is simply the prayers of the saints. All of you on your knees for my little girl. Thank you. Thank you so much.

I have big plans to begin a Thankful Thursday. It will be a little way of reminding myself that I still have many little joys in my life. It will also be a way (hopefully) to keep Linley involved, because my girl loves a good project and I love a good chance to teach her to be thankful. It will probably be as simple as photos of things that most kept us happy throughout the week. Who knows...I think next Thursday will be the debut but then again....I don't follow a plan quite as well as I used to. :)


  1. Enjoy your quiet night. :) Looking forward to thankful Thursday! :)

  2. A quiet night for you sounds delightful. I just caught up on your blog... Happy Birthday to Linley!