Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who is 7months old?

This sweet face is...

And she is amazing to the max. Not only has she completed almost 5 months of constant chemotherapy, but she has done so with flying colors. She is not interested in being a statistic.

Piper will have nothing to do with food on a spoon, preferring to eat minuscule, tedious bites of whatever everyone else is having. Or else really large, messy wads of crackers or bananas. She is fully capable of sitting alone and playing with whatever is in her reach and has begun to lean far enough that her hands are required to balance her...and then she gets over far enough that she just kind of hangs out there on her knees. I am pretty sure she will be crawling soon. She really prefers to be propped up standing against something tall so she can show off her super strong chunky legs.

She sleeps well at night and rarely during the day. By nature she is happy and contented and has the sweetest little cheeky smile with her dimples on display. Her favorite things are her sister, anything with a tag, yogurt, her sound machine, her "monkey-man" lovey and being held upside down. The last one was an inadvertent discovery...thankfully it provides her with many belly laughs. She does not like eating more than 5 oz in a sitting, napping, being buckled into her car seat, shoes on her feet or being told "boo". She has not made any words yet but she growls like a bear when she is tired or resting...along with sucking on her fingers.

I feel very blessed to be her mommy. I can hardly remember the way my life was before Piper joined our family and I am constantly praying that she will see many more healthy, happy months, irregardless of her illness.

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