Friday, March 25, 2011

if you give a mouse a cookie

i know i read a pretty good amount of childrens books but surely, you have read it as well. right? it begins with a mouse who needs a cookie, then once he gets his cookie he needs milk, then once he gets the milk he need something else and so on and so onn it goes until the tired narrator finds himself wishing he had never given the dang mouse a cookie in the first place.

does it say anything about my mental state that this little book has been on my tired little mind all day? and it has. and it is how i think i can best describe today...

if you get a piper to the clinic, you have to keep her from eating anything in order to be sedated. if you dont allow her to consume anything then she will become lethargic. if she becomes lethargic she will need to cancel said sedation and get a personal invite to stay here at the lovely hospital. and this is where mommy would probably cry except i havent the energy to do so. also this is where i am wondering where i misplaced my joy of the lord...that nice little slice of strength that ive forgotten about lately.

so now you know i view our life as a kids short story. its fun like that.

tomorrow piper will have the postphoned mri, the infectious disease dr is keeping a close eye on her cmv, the gi dr is toying with options for her poor gut and intestines, her oncologist is holding her chemo and piper is just hanging out...happily, she has no clue she is medical mystery and miracle and i am thrilled with that.

please pray for some answers and some progress. so many issues, none of them simple and none of us are entirely rested and ready for this stay.

now i plan to roll over and snuggle up with my sweet linley, who is seriously the only person i know who loves to be here. strange little fancy face that she is.


  1. Love those books but could see where in real life it would cause nothing but PURE misery. Love you and keeping you before the Lord. Don't know how you put one foot in front of the other, but you do and you are awesome!!!

  2. I know that book well! and I'm sorry that it seems like things never go as expected/planned. so frustrating. Praying for you guys this morning.............