Thursday, March 3, 2011

TMI and a little cuss word

That's my disclaimer. And I am NOT kidding, either folks. If you are easily disturbed by all things icky or dirty or if the thought of us uttering icky or dirty words, read no further. The good news is that we are on the upswing of things so there should be minimal icky dirty info and minimal cussing from this post on. Promise. Or semi promise, at least.

True Conversation with my newly 6 year old:

Me: so Piper, lets see whats going on in this diaper.
Linley: I"m sure its just some shit, mommy.
Me: (silence. chastised silence.)
Me: oh. my.
Linley: I know mommy, I wont say it anymore but that's not poop in that diaper.

(I know. Its not funny. And I promise I didn't laugh when Linley was in the room...I was very Mom-ish and we talked about good and bad words and I apologized for saying that bad word. But I wont lie and say I didn't get a good laugh out of that one later, because these diapers really were shit. Not poop. Just an awful lot of shit.)

Sooo...we came home from the hospital. All was well-ish. Linley began to cease throwing up just in time for Piper to begin producing massive amounts of bloody and mucosy stools, up to 25 diapers a day. (see? TMI:Too Much Information). She began medication for C diff, although all tests said no. She was taken off all milk products. She was given new much easier to digest formula for her NG feeds. Still the diapers were intense. We began Culturelle and some herbs that heal the intestinal tract and she has begun to have her "normal" chemo diapers. Oh thank you God and all the lovely ladies in my bible study who are blessing us with diapers!

Finally, she began to really perk up. She is eating, slowly gaining weight, being interested in all around her and sleeping better. So Linley, who obviously is feeling very overlooked, went out and about and possibly kissed someone with the flu. I do not know where she found someone with the flu but she did and she spent 4 days home in the bed milking it for all it was worth. Of course, Piper cannot be around all that so my mom and mother in law have assisted me with keeping them separated and both girls are on Tamiflu, one to treat and the other to prevent.

At this moment we are mending. I think. Piper has another clinic visit tomorrow to check her weight and to re access her port. There was talk of having her be admitted for what they call a "GI rest" to give her TPN but I am hoping they will not push that since she has improved so immensely the last few days. We will find out tomorrow. You should know the answer if you hear my sobbing and whining all around Atlanta.

And so that is my update. It is scarcely complete or detailed as our world is tipping a little these days but at least you all now know that we are breathing and surviving.


  1. oh gosh, miserable! I'm so sorry everyone's been sick. Hope things improve QUICKLY!!

  2. Yuck Yuck Yuck
    On a TPN note, GI rest isn't fun. We were able to give TPN at home though, but Abigial was not on GI rest at the time.

  3. thanks for the update! i am always praying and always hoping that life is on the upswing.

  4. Oh dear one... you are so funny! I love you for it. That Linley is a spunky girl! To find humor in the midst of the ick is a gift that you seem to have captured... :) All our love and prayers go out to you and yours.

  5. I think, at this point, anything that gets you to a nice, relieving laugh should be wholeheartedly embraced. I'm pro-laughter (and anti-shit). :) Praying for a continued leveling out for your little world. Tipping is for the cows.