Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pants are a Privilege

Dear Piper,

I'm looking at you.

I understand that this CMV bit is no fun for you so I hate to tell you this but your pants privilege has been revoked. That's right, you are no longer allowed to wear anything to cover your bottom...two diapers are the only exception. This "no pants for poopers" rule has been thrown about often in the 6 years since the Needham Crew has been expanding but unfortunately it is your little rumpus who is putting it into action.

Please understand that we have many pretty pairs of leg warmers to keep your legs warm and you now have some very pretty hair on that very pretty face so lets put that to work and keep a hair bow in, shall we? No one will ever even notice you are pant less.

The only exception to this rule will be your visits to the clinic because it is simply the only place you are currently allowed to go at this time. I apologize ahead of time that I do not entirely trust your bottom yet and will continue to carry around 3 or 4 additional outfits until you prove that you are capable of only using the one outfit per outing. And yes, I will keep bringing myself an extra shirt along just in case you feel up to napping with mommy, aka pooping on my tummy, while chilling at the clinic.

Until a washing machine is available in this apartment or you begin to appreciate how lovely pants are, I am going to just continue tacking that additional diaper onto your little bum, covering your car seat with plastic bags, setting you up to play on plush( no longer used by anyone else) towels and focusing on the miracle that is your head full of beautiful hair.

I love you more than pants,


  1. i love u sus,
    praying you through daily struggles!

  2. Oh "no washing machine in apartment" is no good on even the best days! You are backed 100% by the Online Mommy Community in your "No Pants for Poopers" edict. :) Oh - and a big huge yay for hair!

  3. hope everyone is doing well! thinking of you guys today!

  4. lol!
    I think pants are overrated anyway in children under the age of 4...
    We are praying you kick this CMV little cutie pipe :)