Saturday, February 5, 2011

My husband is better than yours.

I have posted before about my total and utter adoration of pedicures. My husband, who is super quick on hints, sent me out and about today and insisted that I find somewhere to get all 10 toes looking lovely. Being the submissive wife that I always am, I did as he said. And I am happy, happy, happy.

Of course, since we are here in our second (but similarly sized) home at CHOA, my little jaunt to pedicure(heavenly thing), Target(heavenly thing #2) and then some yummy curry(heavenly thing #3) take out, required Chad to run the significantly more difficult show here solo with the girls. Success. And huge points for Daddy for recognizing when Mommy has just about had it.

Linley is here with us for the weekend and is really enjoying running the halls with another patients older sister. She has also been staying up until 11:00 or so and eating cafeteria pizza and I am certain when she leaves tomorrow night she shall need some sort of detox. As will Piper who finally last night, for the first time since we got here, slept almost through the night. Both girls are sharing the hospital bed and both girls seemed to really enjoy it and each other.

Piper is doing better every day. Her heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and such are back to normal. Her appetite is growing, but we are still using the NG tube to get at least an overnight feed in plus a smaller bolus sometime during the day. Pipers weight is amazing...she went from being 5.7 kilos to 7.5 in the time we have been here, that is a 4 lbs weight gain! Her CMV levels dropped and then rose some but the Infectious Disease Dr is not concerned at all and still has her on track with the initial treatment of it. Her legs are a concern to me, but the physical therapist just continues to encourage me to work with Piper to not only help her gain her mobility back but also to help her to simply sit unassisted. What a major feeling of one step forward and a million back, ugh.

From what I hear through the grapevine they are planning to let us out, er, discharge early this week. And apparently they are hoping to begin chemo again on Monday. Because Piper began leaping and bounding late last week they chose not to go through the Bone Marrow Biopsy but kept with the CT scan and saw nothing to worry about. Praise God.

So now we begin that time of rebounding. Of relearning things that have been forgotten, of celebrating the things we have once celebrated. Piper is better in her little body, but these past two and a half weeks have been a major reminder of the ramifications of treating her cancer so aggressively. Even more important, they have been a reminder that Trusting and Hoping in my God are the only ways we will ever make it through any trial at any time.


  1. So thankful that Chad "let you out" yesterday and that you were free to roam. Sweet husbands are a blessing. Also thankful to hear Piper is regaining her footing. Will they keep the NG tube in for extra feedings at home? Amazing how important a little thing like eating is to our bodies. Hopefully she won't be content sitting at home and will be running before you know it. Still praying and bringing her before the girls at BB!!! We all love her!! and you!!

  2. I'm so glad you were able to get out and have a little time to treat yourself!!! You MORE than deserved it! Love the picture of the girls sleeping together in Piper's bed. They are sweet sisters. We'll keep praying for you and hope to hear you are sent home very soon!
    Love you! Heather

  3. Hi there!
    So, this reminds me of when Abigail was in the hospital for PCP pneumonia (while on maintenance). She was put on TPN because I refused the NG (we had just got her off it 2 months before). They had told us, upon discharge, that she'd be on TPN for a few months. It took about a week.
    Also, she completely forgot how to walk during her stint in the hospital. Again, it only took a few weeks.
    Kids are amazing. They really are.
    Love the pictures of your two sweethearts and I'm so glad that Linley actually had a good time at the hospital!

  4. great husbands make all the difference don't they? So glad yours is so thoughtful :)