Monday, February 7, 2011

"Hey, its okay" (hospital style)

to wander the hospital just to hear how sweet and adorable your one year old is.

to wonder if its inappropriate to consider your daughters nurses close, personal friends.

to be tired of drinking coca-cola...this really happened.

to sink large parts of your income into the gift shop simply because its the only thing to do.

to want to smack the parents complaining about being inpatient for 3 days for the flu.

to have memorized a large percentage of anything that Elmo has ever starred in.

to get ecstatic on the days when Moes is the vendor in the cafeteria.

to find showering daily a huge accomplishment and shaving a big joke.

to almost be accustomed to sleeping solely on your left side while sharing a hospital bed with a one year old who snores.

to actually get sensory overload when you leave the hospital.

to request a room cleaning just to have someone to chat with.

to have 12 men working loudly outside your room and be shallowly disappointed that none are attractive.

to be on a first name basis with a good portion of the hospital staff.

to be confidentially able to work most of the screens hanging off of your daughters IV pole.

to mentally kick yourself for dropping out of college when the Doctor is younger than you.

to totally fall in love with other families and children who also visit Cancerville.


  1. should make posters for the rooms with these thoughts! I have thought some of those very things! Colin's ANC us too low for chemo tomorrow...I am sad we won't see you this week! Take care!!

    You are in our prayers.

    Michelle for the Lochamy's

  2. I have to admit I love these posts. They always make giggle, nod in agreement, and feel so deeply for you. Hope you are doing well.

  3. I do love you. Yup, its alright. I've done most of those things and thank you for saying it out loud so I don't feel as weird about it!