Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm moving.

First, we did move out of room 194 back to my very own home. It was lovely. I am happy. Piper looked a little weirded out when I showed her my bare toes and Linley puked on me.

Back that up...

Linley puked...

Not Piper...

Still somehow, Linley also couldn't quite make it to the toilet.


Welcome Home Mommy!

So, now I am planning a big family move to ABCDE. Don't ask, that's about as imaginative as I can be at the moment while thinking up a pretend town. I'd ask Linley for tips but shes all puked out. Which brings me to the very best part about residing in ABCDE. There is no puke.

I hate puke.

I am totally over puke.

At least back at room 194 I was able to call for the cleaning friends, er crew and they would clean it up for me. Here, well its mostly me. Chad did the first go round, I did the second and as proof of Linleys higher esteem for her mother, she promptly puked on my foot.

I hate puke.

I am totally over puke.

I am choosing to look at the episode as a glimpse into what Linley would be like should she ever drink a wee bit to much. She was all..."'oooh, mommy, I threwd up on your foot" and then she was all "I think I am dying" with all the passionate drama that an almost 6 year old can muster up. I was holding back her hair, mentally smiling and physically gagging and wondering just how far away should I place my new imaginary home ABCDE.

ABCDE shall also have my own personal cleaning crew.

...and a tree with candy cane Hershey's kisses year round and live worship music 24/7 and a home with lots of porches and windows and a womb filled with promise and multiple pairs of the red ballet flats that I wore out years ago and could never replace and a salsa garden and healthy bare foot little daughters and good beer and and a haircut that never needs trimming and all my favorite people and millions of books and a sun which shall never rise before 10am.

Is that too much to ask? :) And what would your ABCDE be like?


  1. I'm getting puked on a lot lately too. Can I just come to ABCDE with you?! :)

  2. Bummer for puke! :( And honestly, sans the 10 am sunrise (I do enjoy an occasional early morning in the quiet with my coffee before the house wakes up), you pretty much described my perfect ABCDE, too. We shall be neighbors.

  3. i have plants for you! so don't sweat your salsa garden, i started too many seeds. :)

  4. Well it sounds like you could use a maid fo sho, i second and third that one!
    Caffeine at nite's a bummer, if i was up until 2 i would hate seeing the sun at 7ish also my loveliest of nite owls.
    My perfect house would have a gate to let the children have there fill of outside play while crazy drivers would be no bother...
    i love you,

  5. I think that place sounds nice !!! I'm must get one of my own :)