Monday, March 28, 2011

We are good.

I always love the hospital at night. This may be odd since the entire extent of my experience with hospitals revolves around cancer and Miss Piper, but it is true. Being an optimist about it all I would say it is because we truly love the nurses and staff here and I truly am able to rest while my daughter is being cared for these amazing friends/nurses/staff.

Sometimes when I am certain that Piper is sound asleep and secure I whisper to the nurse that I am going to go wandering and I head out towards the lobby where for the majority of the day there are parents, patients, visitors, medical staff and the lone delivery guy milling about. At night there is only myself and the night security staff...hopefully the handsome one with nice teeth who asks about Piper, not the one who whistles badly. I make the same rounds as I do when Piper and I go for our multiple daily jaunts and I mentally say the same things as if Piper were on my hip, " is that a fish?" "what does a choo choo say?" " did you just poop on my arm?" You know. Normal stuff. And then I wander back to my daughters room and settle myself in for the night. Eighteen months of being back and forth from here and our true home have made this place normal. If the nurse is a friend/nurse I will sleep soundly, not waking when she visits for vitals. I prefer to not have someone stay with me overnight because it is here in this little room with the gentle hum of Pipers sound spa and the thousands of pillows necessary for a good nights sleep that I decompress from the day. It is good. Obviously, I am an introvert...I love my alone time.

So tonight I am alone here in room 182. Like I said, it is good. I spent last night home with Linley who is amazingly bed-hoggish for being 40lbs but she sure does smell like innocence and simplicity and I will take that. After spending the day catching up at home and walking around with bare toes, I grabbed Linley from school and some ice cream and lovely together time before I headed back up this way. Chad now has Linley and prepares for a day of classes, work and Mr Mommying. I prepare for a day of wandering, playing and hopefully a Care Meeting with all of the doctors who play a part in Pipers treatment. We will soon have some options and a plan and I will be glad for that. Until then I will read, pray, be still and possibly wander off for a minute or two...because we are good.

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