Thursday, March 24, 2011

Update 3/24

Tomorrow at 11:45am, Piper will be sedated for an MRI. She is having her spine, hips and legs looked at the see if we can get to the problem with the significant immobility that she has. Especially with her left leg.

Am I nervous? Oh yes, but mostly I am hoping for a diagnosis and thus, a plan. Usually I like to be the one making the plan but in the case that I am not the one in control I just plain dig having a plan. No plan makes Susanna a very ill lady.

The results from last weeks colonoscopy on Piper came back with all signs pointing towards an allergenic reaction causing colitis in her intestinal tract. Which causes all that fabulous diarrhea and probably is a huge factor in her inability to gain weight. This also makes Susanna a very ill lady.

Are we having fun yet? Not really. Believe it or not, this isn't quite as much fun as you are imagining. But it is what is it and we just keep trucking on, thankful for all those who are supporting us.

Really, we are so thankful. And I plan to wax poetic about a lot of things another day when I am not so beaten. Hopefully a new day with some good news and solid plans and a whole night spent solidly sleeping.

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  1. praying that you find ANSWERS and a PLAN asap!