Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big Time Saturday Night

You know us college kids. Marriage and little-uns haven't slowed us down. We can still get a little crazy on the town on a Saturday night. And we breed some sweet little ladies who can hang like the best of them. See the proof...

Seasoned bus riders or kids with parents who dig free university transportation?
You decide.

See the moms? See the cardigans? See that gleeful look in their eyes? They are all gussied up and not cooking dinner tonight, my friends.

Piper smiling. Hawaiian roll. Both are familiar with the other.

Fact: UGA students drink super much at 6:30pm and the North Campus is safely away from all that jazz.

Fading children need Starbucks hot cocoa. Its true.

Somehow my dancing to entertain quickly fading little girls didn't faze the majority of passerbyers. And I am no dancing queen by a long shot.

See? Its always nice to have a night on the town. And its even nicer to have obedient and sweet children and fun adults who can count their dollars and splurge on a good old fashioned married with children Saturday night on the town. Thanks for that you other wild and crazy college folks.

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