Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Hey, its okay"

You know the drill. I do a little ranting and raving and you either laugh or judge me. Its your call...I'm pretty indestructible these days. :)

So...Hey, its okay!

-to run out of Tupperware and use all of Pipers sippy cups instead

-to really wish that Chad were gone from the house during the week. Having him in and out because of classes throws off my mommying technique.

-to not think that 3$ off a $40 dress is a big enough deal to call it a sale.

-to sometimes air dry some of my bigger pots and pans in the turned off oven for lack of counter space.

-to sort of/kind of/maybe so look forward to getting up tomorrow morning at 5am at Linley's insistence to watch the Royal Wedding.

-to wonder if sleeping in is a valid enough reason to decide to home school next year.

-to actually not be frightened at the idea of a 3rd child. Of course, my uterus and Chad are sure to make a stink about this and really, the two of them never listen to me anyways.

-to hold my breathe every time my debit card is being scanned.

-to send Chad out to the grocery store when I hear there are storms and tornadoes possibly coming our way, but not for bread or flashlights. Nope, I wanted ice cream.


  1. I haven't been doing so well at posting comments, but I will catch up eventually :) Love the new pictures, the honesty, the humor... so glad Piper's showing so much improvement... still praying!

  2. You know what you say....alcoholic beverage = a new needham baby! Shall I make a run to the store?

  3. I just love the "Hey, It's Okay" installments. :)