Monday, April 4, 2011

"I want to be a supermodel veterinarian"

...well, Linley does. She tells me this frequently and emphatically because I ask her frequently what her plans are for her life because I am not sure whether to encourage her supermodel aspirations or to attempt to tone them down a bit. Not because she isn't an incredibly beautiful little girl but because she already has a little of a diva temperament at times and well, she's short like her mom. And her dad. She gets it honestly but it probably will not parlay her into a future on the runway.

So we are chatting about other career options and apparently she now wants to be a vet. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am simply not a pet person. Contrary to popular belief I do not go around kicking them when their owners are looking away but neither do I ever desire to run a zoo. Linley, on the other hands is now planning to supermodel at night and vet during the day. And I think I am okay with that. So okay with that that last week I spent the afternoon with her at the University of Georgia's Veterinarian School Annual Open House. (try to say that three times fast)

It was a lot of fun even if the goats smelled accordingly and the bull was keeping a very keen eye on me. I kept my distance but Linley was loving all the animals and exhibits and free things for the kids to do. I was simply loving being with her, supermodel or vet or not.