Sunday, October 16, 2011

day 11 of 28

Here we are. Back at Scottish Rite.

On Friday, Piper had a 8am sedation for chemo targeting her central nervous system. This went well and we planned to be admitted but there were no beds in Aflac so we were able to leave and go grab lunch before settling into room 187 for the rest of this 28 day round.

Piper has some rash on her body as a result of her Sorafenib (oral chemo) but because it is not causing her any pain or itching they are just watching her. She has this chemo twice a day at 8am and 7pm and the only complication she has had is the fact that she cannot eat or drink for 2 hours before and an hour after...ugh. There is a new chemo that Piper is receiving this round called Clafarabine. It is supposed to be pretty brutal stuff so they have timed her to have it in the morning from 10am-noon when there are doctors galore roaming about. So far, two doses in, she is handling it well. She gets a two hour break then she begins a two hour chemo called Cytarabine. The rest of the day she is able to hang out, stuck to the iv pole and her fluids, but still free to move and walk and charm everyone.

Today marks day 11 of twenty eight days. The above schedule is for days 10-15 and after that she will be only receiving her oral chemo twice daily for days 12-28. The plan is that she will be here until her counts recover...hopefully and prayerfully it will not be the same 6 week stay but it all depends on Pipers marrow and how well it bounces back.

We have a new option lately regarding Piper and what will be next for her treatment plan. I am tentatively optimistic and would appreciate prayer that the right choices are made for us. It will require more but has the potential to be more successful.

Things are blessedly slow around here but I am certain that many things will pop up. Prayers are appreciated, as are the notes, gift cards, meals and childcare that everyone is blessing us with. Please don't stop...its what keeps us rolling on.


  1. Every night Will prays for Piper. I don't think he has ever met her but he does not forget to pray for her. If I forget he always reminds me. We love y'all and would love to come visit you again if you are up for visitors??!!

  2. Prayers for sweet Piper this round goes as smoothly as possible and she's not feeling too lousy. We are thinking of this adorable girl all the time - not sure how we found the blog but she has touched us deeply!