Monday, October 3, 2011

tomorrow (again)

Apparently I am running out of witty...most of my recent post titles are annoying even to me. Big halfhearted promises to improve on that after, say, leukemia is cured and I am working again will all of my own brain cells plus a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow at 10am Chad, Piper and I will be meeting with the Bone Marrow Transplant team at Egleston. There they will tell us what they feel is her best options at this far as I know a transplant is still the goal but how they chose to treat those remaining leukemia cells in her until then has not yet been told to us. While we are meeting with the team we will also be having Piper checked out. They will be asking us questions about her and looking her over to ensure they feel she is in good enough health to go through with the rigors of a transplant. Praise God, Piper is in the best health of her little life. She is strong and this is a very good thing.

Leukemia is developed in the bone marrow. At some point it begins to spill out into her blood and that is when it is typically detected. If there are suspicious cells in her blood work that is a sign to hurry, otherwise we should have a little bit more time to line up ducks and take action. Tomorrows CBC will tell us whether we admit then or whether we are free for a few more days.

Um, Id like to be free if anyone is wondering.

On a much more exciting note, my Piper walked from our bed to the window...a good 7 steps, by herself. There were tears. And when Chad and I realized she was enjoying our Hershey's toffee/almond nugget chocolates, we were quick to use them to bribe her to do more walking. She is so close...I can feel it. Since she has the walker, life is just easier but walking independently would be divine.

Here are some pictures from today when I told myself to "get the hell out of your PJ's Susanna and engage in some retail therapy". We went to Target...there was no puking so it was a major success. Of course, Piper remembered where the Elmo display was IN THE BACK OF THE STORE and Linley cannot pass up anything with sequins on it without begging for it so it was not unlike herding whining sheep with walkers to get the two of them back to the trash bag and shampoo aisle.

I was so pooped after that trip that I drank TWO coca-colas at the Mexican restaurant for lunch with my mom and the girls...and they were gooood.

(both the girls and the coca-cola)


  1. there is NOTHING like a coke at a Mexican restaurant!!! NOTHING!

  2. WAY TO GO PIPER AND YOUR 7 STEPS! Let's have some more of those :) Love the princess, sequins, and please not another one mom looks on your fancy faced girls...


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  4. Love the pictures. They are beautiful. :) Prayed and thought about you all day today. And some days you just need two Cokes. Period. You are in good company...much love from Rome, GA!

  5. Piper - you little stinker. We were so excited to see you that we didn't know you took that many steps WIThOUT your walker!! Ya sassy stinker .... Wonder where she gets that from?? ;) Praying for all those sassy Needhams.