Monday, October 10, 2011

Linley the Soccer Star

My Linley tends to be the watcher in a group. When she was young, our favorite thing to do was to go people watching at the mall or park. She would have a little snack and be perfectly content to see faces and hear voices. She would watch with those big blue eyes that she still gets comments on and people would notice her and watch her back. When she was able to talk she would recall details of things that I never would have noticed and she would ask questions of things I would rack my brain to remember.

(Those sweet and pensive moments have not gone entirely away, thankfully.)

That girl, shes a watcher.

And recently shes becoming a mover as well.

Not unlike her mother, she is short. Also not unlike her mother, she is feisty. Totally unlike her mother though, she is showing skills in soccer. And somewhere along the way shes picking up a big dose of confidence and is doing an amazing job at keeping up with the game. Each Saturday she joins her team and follows directions well enough to keep winning...Three games in a row!

Now not only do we know that Linley is a watcher, shes also a mover and a shaker.

A very talented, confident and fiesty mover and shaker.

Lord love that sweet Linley Coe.


  1. What a girl! I didn't see soccer being in her future - that is awesome! Great pics too. Piper looks like her little cheerleader. Way to go Linley!!

  2. Those pigtails are fantastic! And Piper is the best cheerleader ever :) Love these sweet, normal, everyday moments for you & your precious family!

  3. Awesome! Not all those skills are from Chad though, I've seen you before movin & shakin it up quite nicely :)