Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Homeschooling 101

Oh, who am I kidding? Two successful days of math facts and journaling and spelling works and panda bear facts do not a pro make.

But it was so fun. My Linley is a joy in so many ways and I feel like I have missed so many moments over the last 2 and a half years. While yesterday didn't wash that regret away it surely did remind me of how very much I enjoy her company and watching her learn and experience things.

We began with this weeks bible verse (psalms 139:14...a good reminder to us both) and introducing spelling words. After that was math fact speed drills and working on the differences between singular and plural. Linley especially enjoyed doing all of this in her Jammie's with music playing and mommy by her side...as did I.

After Linley completed those things we went to the St. Jude library and picked out a book about panda bears and a nighttime reading book about the ever famous Junie B Jones. We took the long walking way back to the car and headed to Kroger to pick up some groceries...it was Linleys job to write the list out as I drove and then to write the prices down as we shopped. Once our list was complete she added all the money up and we were thrilled to have spent 11$ less than what we had budgeted...and there's not much funnier than a 7 year olds face when they see how much money is spent at Kroger each visit.

We got back to the room starving and made sandwiches and cucumbers and bananas and talked about the plans for the afternoon which included her quiet time reading and journaling and then we played basketball for an hour. Once we were good and messyfied we came inside and cleaned up to go out for dinner with my mom who was heading up from GA to save the day/help mommy and daddy not loose their minds/love on her granddaughters.

We stayed out much later than normal but every minute of the day was lovely. Despite where we are and despite how stretched in every way our little family is, I chose to enjoy this time I have with each girl alone.

They are two amazing kids. I am so blessed with their individuality and spirits...and homeschooling 101 in my book will have to focus on that until we can line up this tutor to fill in the blank spots that this mommy won't notice in Linleys education.

At least I am certain that Linley will not mind one iota.

A million thanks for all the emails and calls in response to my tutor inquiry... We are going to narrow things down a little tomorrow when Chad and I have a few hours to ourselves thanks to Nana/wonder woman/my moms desire to keep both girls in the hospital room while we enjoy lunch.

(And things with Piper are going well enough, I will update more on her tomorrow as this post is about my Linley.)


  1. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Girl. Love and miss you all so so much already! Go home-school mom :)

  2. Love that you got to spend that undivided time with sweet Linley! Sounds like you are being such a good and creative teacher. Enjoy your time with your mama there.