Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good (day 39)

That totally applies to this family and this weekend. For 47 nights these girls have slept without the other. For 47 days these two have played without the other and for the 47 long days that they lived without the other they never ceased to ask for their sister. Chad and I have shared a bed only once in all that time and frankly, families of 4 should be together more than what we have handled lately...but progress is being made and I will take it.

Once they saw each other the girls spent the weekend playing baby dolls, coloring and eating. Always lots of eating in this place. Piper wants to do anything and everything that Linley does and Linley was the ever patient big sister...basically all Chad and I did this weekend was watch them. And smiled. Cried quietly and discreetly. Held hands and rejoiced that the girls ever got to be reunited.

Because Piper continues to be on a modified isolation, we were very limited in what we could do beyond the 4 walls of this apartment. She is required to wear a mask every time she leaves the room and she cannot be around groups of people anyways. We took a walk but couldn't stop to eat because that would require Piper to take her mask off outside to snack and it's much too early for all that. So we loaded the girls up and a pile of yummys and packed into the car and took a picnic must know that Atlanta has some amazing little areas. Music on, masks off and giggling girls whom chose often to just reach over and hold hands...melt this heart.

While Chad and I were beyond grateful to be together as a family of four we eagerly took my parents up on their offer to watch the girls while we went out for dinner. Right around the corner from the Ronald McDonald House is a cute little area with restaurants and coffee shops and even a Barnes and Chad and I much enjoyed a dinner out, followed by picking up some diapers just so we didn't forget what we really love and live for.

I am thankful. So very thankful. I find myself often just plain thanking God for His goodness...though I lack the correct way to beg and ask Him for my daughters life. My prayers are made up of pleas for His mercy. They are filled with an ache for Gods grace and though I cannot yet bring myself to desire His will without my own recommendations for how my life should be...I know and trust that whatever He has in store will be infinitely better than what I think I need.

I really hope though, that He is healing my Piper...and by doing that that He will begin to heal my family and the dreams and plans and desire that we simply have no time to focus on at this time.


  1. Couldn't get through it with dry eyes, just put make-up on... thanks for that :)
    So often I read your posts and just sit amazed not even knowing what to say except, Susanna I love you so much. It makes my heart burst.


  2. Hey, I am friends with Janie Lineberger and have been praying long-distance for Piper, but tonight I thought I'd google your blog to get more information. We're going through something similar with our eight-year-old son (after two years of deterioration, he's now being treated for a rare terminal blood disorder and is waiting on a bone marrow transplant). Your last two paragraphs have really got me, like you climbed into my head and shared my thoughts! Mercy is I can pray for at the moment too - there is no bargaining with the One who knows our inconsistencies and sins, only speaking aloud about His character of mercy and love. And asking for healing for all of it - not just the disease, or even the one family member, but for ALL of the lives that have been rocked, put on hold and cheated of care-free childhood years. And the dreams we don't even dare to dream because it's too painful to look beyond where we are now...

    I feel it with you and will be praying for you. Janie has just posted that she's had a relapse, will be holding your hands in prayer xxxxxxxx

  3. Hello, may name is Marty and I am with Leap of Faith Ministries. We are in the Atlanta area and would like to help. Do you need help cleaning the apartment or anything? Please email ( a phone number and we will call.

    Our prayers and everyone we have asked are with you.

    In HIS service,