Monday, September 21, 2009

People have asked where they can send stuff to us...we should be at Scottish Rite for the next month and that address is:

Childrens Hospital of Atlanta
1001 Johnson Ferry Rd. NE
Atlanta Ga 30342

Aflac Unit- room 197
C/0 Needham family

Thanks to all of you who have sent flowers, notes and balloons...Piper especially loves the balloons. :)


  1. Our prayers are with you as you go through this. Jim, Katie, Steven, and I are friends of your Aunt Paula, and, also know your parents. We have met you, but it has been a long time ago, so you might not remember. I have been reading your blog each day and have ached over the pain this diagnosis has brought your family. I am amazed at your focus and objectivity. Piper is surely lucky to have such a loving, optomistic family. I know that Linley is in wonderful hands, and that she will do well. The power of God is huge. Take the days slowly, trying to look only at each minute as it comes. So many people are praying for you all, so breathe deeply, and try to relax.
    Sherry, Jim, Katie, and Steven Perkins

  2. I am so sad I could not get there this weekend. I miss you all and love you so so much. I pray that this coming week will be more encouraging as Piper fights on and increases in strength, resiliancy, and her good humor. I think God knew now was the time you needed to see her laugh. What a blessing! Hold on to those precious mom ents. I love you my dear friends- mj