Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday 9/22

I first have to say how blessed I am. Maybe I am not going through this whole process the right way, but facts are facts and I still have 2 beautiful girls to love on. On top of my girls and my best friend/lover I have friends and family and a support system that rivals the best out there...I have read every note, email and prayer sent to us. Each word of encouragement has touched me even if I am not responding to anyone right now...thank you so much.
Pipers 5th day of steroid treatments went the same as the rest. She is managing well and beginning to learn to laugh (amazing timing the kiddo has). Her white blood cell count has dropped significantly, which while not a "good" thing because it wipes out her immune system almost completely, it is the goal. Because of her extremely susceptible immune system she has been moved to another room within the Aflac inpatient unit. Her new room has a special air flow system that rotates the good air instead of allowing compromised air from outside. We are also keeping an eye on a small diaper rash spot on her little hiney...any infection is frightening.
The steroids have her eating alot more so we are getting up in the middle of the night more often...and I have never been so happy to hear a newborns cry.
Linley is doing well thanks to a bunch of amazing women who have been picking her up from preschool and keeping her happy and occupied. This Thursday her preschool class is celebrating Johnny Appleseeds birthday and although it will be difficult, I am planning to leave my mom and dad to care for Piper while I take part in the party at her school and spend the afternoon and night with Linley and Chad. I am certain that this will be scary for me, (I havent left this hospital since Piper was admitted last wed.), but it is important to not forget that I am also a mommy to a wonderful 4 year old...and she needs me as well.


  1. Good for you, mom. I am glad you will get some sweet time with Linley. Piper will do great with her grandparents, I am sure! I struggle with feeling like I give enough attention to each of my girls, and we have have much more ideal circumstances! I am praying for you and your whole family.

  2. I will be praying for your Thursday! I can imagine that leaving would be really hard, and really necessary.

  3. You have a beautiful family! I will be praying for a special peace for you as you leave the hospital to be with Linley and Chad. I have always enjoyed looking at your pictures and things on facebook, and I can see that you are an amazing mother! What an example to me!

  4. Can you let us know what the new room number is??

  5. I have just got your Mom's email about this. I live in her neighborhood. I will be praying for Piper and all of you. At the moment I am at a loss for words. I know that your little girl is amazing and she is stronger than you can imagine. By her own will and the Grace of God she will fight this tough battle like a brave trooper! I know this because I went through breast cancer in 2008; and while at the hospital awaiting chemo, a stranger looks at me and says "you know it is only for the strong." At the time, I was scared and did not know what truly awaited me on the other side of all this, but I know now that for some of us, deep inside, there is a strength unimaginable by most and with this strength and God's care Piper will have all that she needs! I am here for you and your family should there be anything you need.-Tammy O'Carroll