Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept 30

Got IV pole? Check.
Got many, many spit rags? Check.
Got a "won't-take-it-but-just-in-case-she-will" paci? Check.
Got a bottle of hand sanitizer in case someone gets out of wagon? Check.
Got a big sister who barely fits? Check.
And this is how we roll in the Aflac Cancer Unit here in Atlanta...
Obviously we get alot of attention on our daily jaunts and not for all the paraphenalia. Seriously, I make beautiful girls dont I?


  1. you really do make beautiful girls.

    my mom wanted me to encourage you, since she's walked a similar path with my sister - (having one kid in an extended hospital stay, while trying to keep a normal life for the other kids) to not feel guilty about not being completely there for linley. yes, still be the awesome mommy that you are to her, but piper needs you as an advocate, someone carefully watching over her healthcare.

    she said, as much as it's hard to believe, your other kids really won't remember all the time they spent in the hospital, or the time that mommy was gone. but the affect you can have on piper's care is something that will not be forgotten because you can ensure she's taken care of. and it's true. i was 7 the first time marlene was hospitalized for an extended time, and i seriously don't remember it at all. the hours upon hours we sat in the waiting rooms, waiting for mom and dad and marlene to come back from appointments, and all the time we didn't have both parents available.

    so if you're worried about linley (and i'm sure you have been, because you're awesome) don't be. she's gonna be okay. just make sure that piper is.

  2. Oh Susanna, you are absolutely correct. You make BEAUTIFUL babies! Thanks for sharing such a precious picture :)