Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday 9/29

Chad and I are having a little bit of a glimpse into parenting a pre-teen. Seriously, Piper is happy, whiny, screaming, smiling all in 30 minutes...the Drs said she was going to get "moody" but wow!
Although as I write this she is sound asleep across the room. She is refusing to sleep anywhere but in my arms and I have resorted to what I always said only slacker moms did (sorry ya'll)...putting her to sleep with a bottle in her mouth. Its hard though. With my oldest she would cry a bit when she wasnt happy but eventually went of to the Land of Nod and has developed into a happy contented 4 year old. Piper though, I know she doesnt feel well and I cant raise her the same way...thus a little bit of spoiling. Hopefully no bottle cavaties like us moms are taught to fear so much.
Chemo and steroid treatment is still chugging along. Piper is still doing well...not much has changed in the last few days but I was told a few times that I wasnt keeping you guys up to date enough. And you all have been so wonderful to us with all the cards, calls, meals and prayer.
So the update is that Piper is basically 13 years old and I am now adding bottle cavities to the things I am worried that her little body will get. Kidding...the update is that God is good. Cancer stinks and God is still good.

Oh and I am trying to download some new pictures of my beautiful girls but the computer is being funky...dont worry though, you will get some great ones someday!

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  1. thanks for the update..when there is nothing, I wonder if that is good news or really bad news...:) now I know how to pray :)