Saturday, September 4, 2010

coke and "crack rock" soup

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried to. Piper was contented to lick the spout of an empty coca-cola bottle while Linley was collecting rocks and leaves to apparently cook me up some " crack rock soup". Both were happy. Both were oblivious. Dfacs will probably visit soon.

Maybe it was because I had Linley quarantined in our bedroom all (beautiful, low '80s fantastic) day long. She has a Cold. I do not have time for all that. Pipers counts should bottom out any day now, thankfully she gets a shot every night to boost her white blood cells while being Neutropenic. I am seriously praying that Linley kicks it quickly because she is not happy about having to stay away from people...and neither am I. The Georgia Bulldogs first game of the season was today and Chad and I wanted to take the girls to some of the pre-game festivities. But we couldn't. Then Chad had to work and I was beginning to feel foggy from the last of motivation. I finally broke Linley out of the room to take an hour long walk searching for paintable rocks, (aka: free and fun crafts) then the girls and I ate macaroni and cheese and coke and "crack rock soup". What sort of fun did you do today???

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  1. loooooooooooove this! And your girls, well they're just beautiful! Hope Linley is well NOW! And that sweet Piper stays strong.