Friday, September 17, 2010

"Hey, its okay" Friday

It has been a week. Piper thinks my hip and a nasal whine fits the bill for every occasion. Chad has had some very late nights and big tests. And sweet Linley is confused about why she isn't special enough to be "student of the week" yet...she IS kind, she tells me.

And so...Hey, its okay...

*to have a crush on Doug Heffernan And see a little of your own self in Carrie Heffernan, sadly. And if you have never watched King of Queens then you should feel guilty for that one yourself.

*to not be a lazy mom just because you think that kindergarten should never, no not never ever start at 7:40am.

*to stay up til the early hours of the morning because you need that blessed "me time" more than the actual sleep time.

*to allow your 1 year old to totally unwrap the toilet paper in the bathroom because for 5 blissful minutes she was playing by herself and NOT on my hip.

*to trash dinner and grab Wendy's because the fire alarm keeps going off and all you are trying to do is boil water.

*to yell at the young cat on campus out who walked right in front of my car and then flicked me off. I called him "buster" if you must know...

*to really, really, really hope that business casual actually means "ladies, wear those comfy yoga pants!".


  1. I'm so excited that I thought of something to share, which is kind of wrong in a way, but here it goes..."Hey, it's okay" to seriously consider giving your 19 month old baby some tampons to play with because it's the only thing within reach that will occupy her while she insists on bonding with you while you're on the commode, and then actually get excited about the thought of having something to share on the "Hey, it's okay" blog post! Whew! That was a long one. Oh, and be jealous because I am married to Doug Heffernan. Seriously. My husband looks like him, acts like him, and he is a UPS driver. Actually, he is also your husband's sister's boyfriend's cousin. You know the one, right? :) God bless you and your family. I enjoy following your blog.

  2. poor linley! she is student of the week to zoë, i can tell you that, because she is super nice, especially to 3 year olds obsessed with princesses.

  3. love this!!! my whole life is a "hey it's ok" moment :) Oh and I definitely live in my yoga pants :)

  4. Great post! I may steal this idea for It's Okay Friday. :) We currently have *all* the seasons of King of Queens down in here our Klamath Falls apartment (no tv) and so I regularly spend afternoons and evenings with Dough and Carrie. I'm quoting them more than is probably healthy. ;)

  5. it must be ok...
    to enjoy one blissful hour of grownup time while your children are glued to spongebob, (please don't tell my mother)and you agree he is completely loopy... & then you begin to notice the only words you can understand of your three year old are those silly sayings from the cartoon and you begin to wonder if maybe the "1 hour of grownup time" has actually become much more...oops!