Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Hey, its okay" (but it is not) Friday (anymore)

Here's to me missing my very first self imposed deadline for this "hey, its okay". In my defense I went to a cookout and relaxed instead. It was lovely.

But, "hey, its okay"...

*to visit the grocery store Every.Single.Day because for some reason it is the only place that Piper is contented this week

*to sign "Mommy" on your new library card and not realize it for an entire month

*to laugh at the new clothing called jeggings

*to secretly try on a pair of jeggings at old navy

*to find out that jeggings are just fancy leggings and are fantabulous

*to think the magic erase marker is seriously magic

*to mentally kick my husband every time I cannot find the covers in the middle of the night all because he has some strange aversion to foot boards

*to wear my cowboy boots to a "business casual" luncheon...and I am certain that my mother will be most disappointed. She does not love said cowboy boots.


  1. I have an aversion to footboards too!! Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. Lol! i think this is hilarious, especially the library card :) Well, you always have wanted to be a mommy!
    Here's to making the most of it, pushing through and NEVER giving up! Way to go Mama...